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Home Inpsections and Material Testing Services

Would you want an inexperienced inspector handling the most expensive purchase most people make in their lifetimes? NO! So Geaux 2 Garrett 2 Get it Done!

Geaux 2 Garrett 2 Get it Done!

Quick, quality inspection services, material testing, and more!

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Geaux 2 Garrett Inspection Services

At G2G Inspections, we offer a range of services to cover your needs. Whether it's residential home inspections, commercial inspections, or material testing, we are here to help you with the proper foundation on your building projects.

We are Licensed for Home Inpsection Services in the State of Louisiana. LHI# 11127  

Services We Offer

Home Inspection Services

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Looking to buy a home or looking to have someone monitor your builder while your dream home is being built? We can cover it all. Get in depth analysis of your potential home and get an opinion that could save you a fortune in the future. Get step by step photos and documentations while your home is being built think of it as photo album and make sure your contractor is not hiding something in the walls for you to discover later.

Compaction Testing

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It is extremely important that the contractor stays within 3 percent of the optimum moisture throughout the building process and needs to have a compaction number at or above 95 percent of the maximum dry density. Sound complicated? Don’t worry we will take care of it for you and make sure the dirt is being monitored. Most locally municipalities surrounding us require testing for every 12 inches of material that is brought onsite and some municipalities require every 8inches. Let us take the worry away from you.

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